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Universal Console Cable Kit

We present the Universal Console Cable Kit, which lets you connect your PC/Terminal to the console ports of the most popular brands of networking hardware.

How many times has this happened to you? You need console (terminal) access to a network device (especially the one you just snarfed from Ebay at an embarrassingly low price), only to find out the cable is missing, stolen, lost, or otherwise unavailable. What will you do? Search the Internet? Good luck! You try wading through 9,000-plus entries at 3 A.M.! Is it Null, DCE or DTE? Is the connecting cable rolled or straight? Stop the insanity!

Here is a partial list of console cables provided by this kit:

3Com NetBuilder II Routers F5 3DNS
ADC/Kentrox AAC-3   BigIP
AdTran 2800MX Mux HP AdvanceStack J2800A
Cabletron/Enterasys EMM-E6 Juniper Networks m20/m40/m40e
  EMME   m160
  IRM-2/IRM-3   t320/t640
  FN-100 Larscom Orion 2000
  MMAC   Access T-45
  MRXI Nortel Networks 2000/4000/5380/8000 Remote Access Servers
  NBR Synoptics 2000/3000/5000 Series Hubs/Switches
  SmartSwitch Bay Networks AN/ARN/ASN/BN/BCN Routers
Cisco 2500/4000/7000 Series Routers Wellfleet Accelar/Passport Switches
  Catalyst 1600/1900/2900/3500/4000/5000 Switches   Alteon Content Switches
  675 DSL Modem   Contivity VPN Switches
Extreme Networks Black Diamond Switch   Centillion 10


In short, you will have the equivalent of over 50 console cables! If you tried to purchase all of them from the manufacturer, you would spend well over $4000.00! If you had them custom-made, you would spend between $400 and $1000.

The Universal Console Cable Kit sells for only $250.00 plus shipping and handling. Never be stuck without console access again! Buy yours today!


Kit includes:
  • PC Mod-Tap Connector
  • Device Mod-Tap Connector(s)
  • 5' Cable
  • Connector Combination Guide for matching the connector(s) to the console

Shipping Information:

Shipping is $20.00 USD to all 50 states. International destinations are higher. Please e-mail us for the price.

GSA Information:

Please click this link for government pricing.

Payment Information:

We accept PayPal, checks, or money orders. Please allow 7-10 days for personal checks to clear. Your kit will be shipped within 24 hours of receipt/confirmation of funds.


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